The President of the Republic pays an official visit to the Order of Malta

Rome, 26th April 2024
The President of the Republic pays an official visit to the Order of Malta

The President of Hungary Tamás Sulyok was received today at the Magistral Palace by the Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Fra’ John Dunlap.

During the meeting the Hungarian President praised the work the Order of Malta carries out in over 120 countries across the globe and in particular in Hungary where the Order’s Hungarian Charity Service is the largest social institution in the country, assisting a daily average of 13,000 people in nearly 150 institutions.

“The Hungarian Association of the Order has been active in your Country since 1928 and I am proud to say that, today, the range of humanitarian activities carried out by our Hungarian Charity Service is most impressive. I take this opportunity to express the deepest gratitude of the Order for the generous support that the Hungarian authorities have constantly offered to our Association and its Relief Corps” stated the Grand Master in addressing the Hungarian President.

With diplomatic relations established in 1990, the excellent status of the long-standing ties is witnessed over the years by the exchange of many official visits, the signing of postal and co-operation agreements and a broad-ranging and successful collaboration in the humanitarian field. The Order’s Charity Service in Hungary has been particularly active in providing support to Ukrainian refugees and has assisted more than 52,000 people fleeing Ukraine.

“Let me underline that the understanding and excellent cooperation between Hungary and the Order of Malta is rooted very deeply. The Order is a reliable partner, especially in serving the needy. Throughout the years, it has remained faithful to its mission” said the Hungarian President.

Since 1996, the Order of Malta and Hungary have exchanged three visits of Grand Masters and two visits of Presidents. Only two weeks ago the Foreign Ministry Secretary of State for the aid to persecuted Christians, Tristan Azbej, paid his second visit to the Order and was received by the Grand Chancellor.

The meeting today was the occasion to reiterate the mutual Christian values and shared concern for the increasing number of armed conflicts and the compelling need for a multilateral approach.